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"Well organized, entertaining & very educational!!! Absolutely terrific!

-Captain Paul H. Cohen, MD

"Instructors were excellent - Very well structured; Very well done" -Belmont, NC

-Captain Mark D. Baxa, MD

"Loved the course. I learned more than I ever expected and now use my license in Fort Lauderdale taking people fishing and making a good living doing something I love! Marty Lalli - Marty & Lenny's"

-Captain Marty

"Captain Bill is one of the finest; A rare find! Gloucester, MA"

-Captain Michael J. DeCoste

Nautical School's OUPV course waas not only remarkably comprehensive and thoroughly enjoyable. There is no better way to gain confidence in one's boating skills.

-Captain Paul Epstein, M.D.

Outstanding! Captain Steve is knowledgeable and personable - Got the teaching points across. Course was well presented - Good redundancy - videos/slides supported learning objectives.

-Captain Richard Amirault, USN Commander - Retired

I have been boating for 39 years and think Captain Vince taught me more in 9 days than I knew in 39 years! Thanks Vince

-Capt. John Breece

Captain Bill Rivera is an excellent teacher and turned a week of study into a very enjoyable experience. His years of experience on the water are evident as he related personal situations encountered while learning the necesary material to become a captain. Thank you for your patience, humor and knowledge.

-Capt. Tony Cerar

Captain Steve Jaworowski was great, personable, knowledgeable and very patient. Thank you!

-Captain Kathleen Granfield

Both instructors were very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job teaching the material. The course was well laid out, covered evertyhing and more than I expected.

-Capt. William E. Harbert, Amityville, NY

I came away with 200% more knnowledge than I came in with - even after years on the water.

-Capt. Jonathan Hurwitz - Glen Cove, NY

The OUPV course and DVD was the BEST! Thanks Captain Bill.

-Capt. Thomas J. Inzerillo, Smithtown, NY

Captain Gary was passionate about course subject. Class was very pleasant to take.

-Capt. Frank Keyes - Phoenix, Arizona

Very well outlined and designed to help you learn the Rules and not the questions and answers. Captain Bill was very helpful.

-Capt, Justin Kraus - East Rockaway, NY

Pounded, pounded and pounded the materail in us. Thank you!

-Capt. Richard G. Lamb - Hingham, MA

Both instructors were great. Both are very knowledgeable and great to work with. Captain Sam gave a great review and explained the concepts clearly.

-Capt. Brett Zimmerman - Westhampton, NJ

I had the New Rochelle Police Department Harbor Unit attend the captain's course. What they came away with was professionalism in vessel operations and a true understanding of navigational rules. It will definitely raise the units' standards in all areas of operation...

-Lieutenant William Schulman, Commander Special Operations NRPD Harbor Unit

Office Staff: "So kind & Helpful, AND SHE SOUNDS HOT!. Location: Where Better, on the waterfront in one of the most famous ports in the world! I'm going to get everyone in my family to take it.

-Captain Sergio O. Rebraca

"I appreciate your prompt attention to detail and must say you are terrific! All my dealings with you and the "boss" have been 1st class! Will see you again as other courses are offered. Keep smiling!! Captain Bob Thomas"

-Janine the "HOT" Enrollment Coordinator

Took the class in New Rochelle. "Capt. Steve bent over backwards to help assist me in my weak areas of learning and Capt. Bill was also extremely helpful"

-Capt. Joseph C. DeEttore, Jr.

Hi Bill, i just wanted to let you know that i received my renewed license in the mail today. You had mentioned that you like to get an idea of how long the process takes on average. I was in your office last Friday, 3/11, to hand in my paperwork. Thank you for a speedy, hassle-free renewal process Bill. I'm sure I will see you again for something license related. Have a great summer. Thank You, Jared McManus

-License Renewal Received in 1 week!

"Captain Bill made learning the necessary material a genuine blast each and every day of the course. By his combining a rich and well proportioned mix of learning aids, structured info and jokes along with an excellent forum for questions to be answered, I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and a smile on my face"

-Captain Joseph Wenegenofsky

Captain Bill made learning the necessary material a genuine blast each and every day of the course. By his combining a rich and well proportinoed mix of learning aids, structured info. and jokes along with an excellent forum for questions to be answered. I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and a smile on my face.

-Captain Joseph Wenegenofsky Class of 2012

Having completed the OUPV, towing, and masters course and successfully moving on to apply for my license, I felt compelled to write my experience at Nautical School. I am embarassed to admit I had my license and let it expire 6 years ago. 11 years ago I had the experience of applying for a license with the assistance of another (not to be named school). Captain Bill and His staff are second to none. The major difference is the teaching and actual concern to create a knowledgeable and responsible Captain. Safety has and will always be number one priority on the water. It begins at the top with a prudent Captain. I have been on the water for 36 years and appreciate good training. They take this training very seriously instilling practical knowledge with a balance of stories and humor. I truly feel like I joined a family instead of going to a money oriented, get your stamp and leave establishment. They do it all as a one stop shop and are highly regarded by the industry and Coast Guard. As you can tell I can not say enough and highly recommend you choose them as your first steps to a maritime education. I have nothing to gain from this posting except the hopes of others getting a quality education. Once again, thank you Captain Bill and your staff and I wish you all a speedy recovery from this natural disaster. God bless us all.

-Captain John Laricos

Dear Capt. Bill, Today, I received in the mail my MMC for Master of Steam, Motor or Auxiliary Sail Vessels of not more than 50 gross tons upon near coastal waters. I want to thank you, Janine, and Capt. Steve for helping me accomplish this goal. After the first 2 days of the OUPV course I was questioning whether I was going to be able to complete the course but as you said "everybody gets through it". Your textbooks and study materials made it easy to prepare for the exams. I don't think I could have negotiated all the different requirements for my license without your course.Thanks again, looking forward to a great summer on the water. Sincerely, Capt. Jeff Pierce Manhasset, NY 11030

-Capt. Jeff Pierce

I received my renewal license in the mail yesterday and just wanted to thank you and your staff for making this a pleasant and educational experience. I have renewed with other schools and can say that The Nautical School makes you feel as if you really earned your renewal. Additionally, the handling of paperwork saved a lot of running around, my thanks to Janine

-Captain Louis Macari

I am running a 65 sea ray and a 68 sunseeker preadator. Having a blast with my license thanks to you guys.

-Captain John Reeves

I just wanted to thank you for a great course and a painless application process. I was issued my 100 Ton near coastal license. I really believe the course was the best money I've spent in my pursuit of my license. Again, Thanks to you and Janine for everything.

-Captain Andrew Favata

I just received my license and I wanted to firstly say thank you very much in my license training!Your course was awesome and you are a great instructor. You make it easy to get through the content and were very engaging. Hope to hear from your and again thanks for everything. Cheers,

-Captain Gunter

"I just received my license in the mail and I wanted to firstly say thank you very much for your efforts in my license training. Your course was awesome and you are a great instructor. You make it easy to get through the content and were very engaging"

-Captain Gunter Spilhaus-2015

"I wanted to let you guys know that I have received my 50GRT license, and I just passed the sailing endorsement exam. The exam tutor was very helpful for this. Thanks for all your help.\\\"

-Capt. Gary Schacker-2015

My Coast Guard license arrived August 19, 2021. I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to you personally and to Janine and the fine nautical School that you run. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the learning. I somehow knew that the Nautical School on Long Island was the right choice for me. It turned out, I was correct. I mentioned my accomplishments and your school on Facebook in a positive light. I wish you continued success and happiness.

-Raymond Hepburn

Captain Bill Rivera is one of the finest teachers I have ever had. He is organized, teaches with stories and tricks that help you retain the subject matter long after his intensive training, and keeps you engaged throughout. I highly recommend Captain Bill and The Nautical School staff for all the marine training classes in their curriculum.

-Steve Kornspun