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Assistance Towing


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Online Assistance Towing Endorsement
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4 hours online
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After your purchase, you will receive an email with directions on how to access the online course, and your userid and password. If, after 2 business days, you have not received this information please contact us at (631) 226-7300

As with all online courses, the final 20-question exams must be proctored. This will be done at the Nautical Schools facilities.

Upon completion, a 20-question examination is proctored anytime Monday through Friday at The Nautical School of Maritime Licensing in Long Island, NY. For further information please call the school at (631) 226-7300.

Please call 631-226-7300

More Information

Any USCG "6-Pack" or Master licensed captain who wishes to assist disabled boats for a fee or work for a towing company, must have a Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement added to their license.

This USCG-approved online course will cover all the required topics needed to add the coveted Assistance Towing Endorsement to your license. At completion of the online course and proctored exam, you will be issued a certificate of completion for submission to the Coast Guard. No additional experience is required for this endorsement. The course is informative and as with all our courses, will fully prepare you for our proctored 20-question exam.

This 4-hour course enables the mariner to tow recreational vessels commercially. The endorsement allows the holder to engage in "Commercial Assistance Towing" for payment and is the one that all licensed captains working for Sea Tow and TowBoat U.S. must have.

Topics include: Rules of the Road concerning towing vessels, towing gear & terminology, shiphandling with regards to towing, towing procedures, etc. Upon completion of the course, students take a USCG-approved exam given by The Nautical School. A certificate of completion will be given if the student successfully passes the exam. The student can then submit that certificate for the endorsement to their license.