The Nautical School of Maritime Licensing is seeking instructors for our NYC (USS Intrepid Boat House) location. Must have a valid MMC. Call Us for more information 631-226-7300

At the Helm

At the Helm

The Nautical School's faculty consists of professional licensed captains who currently work in the maritime industry and possess many years of teaching experience.

Started and directed by Captain Alan Cook and Captain Bill Rivera, The Nautical School benefits from the partner's unique blend of expertise. With more than four decades combined maritime experience, each also brings his own individual talents to benefit our students.

Captain Alan is a successful entrepreneur and avid boater whose love of boating brought him to start his captain school

Captain Bill is a professional educator with extensive classroom teaching at prestigious institutions, including New York University. He also holds multiple years of commercial maritime experience.

The Nautical School - Captain License, USCG Captain Licence & OUPV 6 Pack Licence Courses