The Nautical School of Maritime Licensing is seeking instructors for our NYC (USS Intrepid Boat House) location. Must have a valid MMC. Call Us for more information 631-226-7300

At the Helm

At the Helm

The faculty at The Nautical School comprises professional licensed captains actively working in the maritime industry, boasting decades of both classroom and on-the-water teaching experience.

Under the direction of Captain Bill Rivera for over 18 years, The Nautical School has evolved into the premier institution in the northeast for educating mariners while addressing all of their USCG Licensing needs.

In late 2023, Captain Bill passed the con to Michael and Amanda Vanadia. Michael, a graduate of SUNY Maritime with a Third Mate Unlimited Tonnage certification, brings over a decade of experience in commercial tanker shipping. Amanda, a graduate of Long Island University and NYU, previously worked as an engineer for Con Edison.

With a shared passion for boating and helping others, Michael and Amanda have taken on the responsibility of The Nautical School, aiming to further the legacy established by Captain Bill.

The Nautical School - Captain License, USCG Captain Licence & OUPV 6 Pack Licence Courses